G6 – more than 120 different hearing situations fully automatically!

Audio Service presents G6, the new technology platform and the best Audio Service RIC hearing systems ever: Mood Li-Ion G6 and Mood G6!



With the new technology platform G6, we consistently focus on audiological content and do a quantum leap in the recognition of a wide variety of listening situations. 

The previous classification into six defined areas (e.g., 'Speech in noise', 'Speech in quiet’) has been greatly refined into over 120 listening situations. 

Why? Because six predefined situations only insufficiently reflect the variety of hearing. The respective hearing situation is analyzed and recognized 

fully automatically using HiRes Comformatic and the Motion Sensor integrated in the hearing systems. The result: almost natural hearing - even in motion.



For a life in motion

The new G6-platform with integrated Motion Sensor offers the best in any hearing situation.Fitted with a Motion Sensor similar 

to those used in yoursmartphone, the new G6 chip recognizes even small movements.The hearing system analyses this information and

chooses automatically the perfect settings for your individual hearing situation,better than ever.It offers up to 20 times more

listening situations then previous hearing systems to choose from.So, the hearing systems automatically fits your modern everyday life.

With the new Audio Service App,you can use your smartphone as a remote control for your hearing system.You can take phone calls

and even listen to streamed music, directly from your iPhone.The Audio Service App will be your perfect companion to your G6 hearing systems.


With the new G6 technology we take hearing to a new level. From now on the hearing system can automatically detect over 120 hearing situations (20 times more than before), thanks to the integrated motion sensor!
The new G6-platform with integrated Motion Sensor offers the best in any hearing situation.
The Stiline BT combines exceptional and distinctive design with Direct Audio Streaming and offers superior audiological features. Available in three contemporary color combinations. Stiline easily converts prospects into customers.
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